近日 本公司征集精品推荐:玉扳指

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近日 本公司征集精品推荐:玉扳指


[collection name]: Bloodstone


Class: miscellaneous




Jade trigger finger, also known as jade spy, is a tool used to fasten the string when pulling the bow and archery. It is set on the right thumb of the shooter to protect the right thumb of the shooter from being hurt by the bow string. Later extended to be able to determine affairs, with the status and ability of the symbol. According to reports, the Palace Museum now has hundreds of wrenches of various kinds, including jade, wood and gold. There are hundreds of wrenches for jade alone. As early as the late Neolithic age and the Shang and Zhou dynasties, it was found that there were wrenches. At first, there might be some softer materials such as leather. The better one would use the harder one.



With the change and gradual evolution of the age, the material and shape of the jade ring finger are different in different dynasties. For example, the jade ring finger in the Shang Dynasty has the function of pulling bow and protecting the finger, which is not only longer than the later ring finger, but also has groove marks on it; it began to become shorter in the Warring States period; the ring finger in the Han Dynasty has the shape of a jade plate, similar to a jade pendant, with a small hook for pulling strings, but the ring finger at this time It can't bear the power of pulling bow any more. In the Song Dynasty, there appeared some pull fingers that imitated the Han Dynasty, with various styles, including flaky ones and short cylinder ones. In the Qing Dynasty, the pull fingers were cylinder-shaped, with one end of the edge concave inward and one end of the edge protruding forward. Because the material was more round and smooth, it was more difficult to shoot arrows, and became a kind of decoration, identity and A symbol of popular trends.


The ancients loved jade very much and made it into various jade articles or ornaments. In the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Qianlong's esteem and development of jade articles reached the peak, especially his love of wearing jade ring fingers. Knowing that Emperor Qianlong's love, ministers looked for exquisite jade ring fingers and offered them to Emperor Qianlong, hoping to win the favor of Emperor Qianlong. According to relevant historical records, there are 20 wrenches presented by a jiujiangguan supervisor alone, and hundreds of wrenches presented by a governor of Guangdong Province. In fact, the trigger finger was a practical object at the beginning. When pulling the bow and archery, wearing a jade trigger finger to protect your fingers. In the Qing Dynasty, the trigger finger gradually evolved into a kind of jewelry, as a decoration, it is also a symbol of authority. Up to the relatives of the emperor, down to the ordinary dignitaries, they will wear a jade trigger finger to show their identity.



Although the ring finger is small, it is also restricted by the strict hierarchy. The spanner made of emerald, agate, coral and other precious materials is not a prince or noble. Ordinary people can't wear it at will. The first choice of the Han aristocratic ratchet is the jadeite material maker. The color of the ratchet is different, and the pattern of the flower ornaments is different. The ratio of the ratchet is as clear as water. The non royal nobles dare not wear it easily. The ordinary people wear the ratchet mainly made of ivory and porcelain. The most common spanner worn by ordinary flagmen is made of white jade. This kind of distinction, in those days, was a mark to determine the rank identity, and now it is a measure of market price and collection value.



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